Expert help for successful goal-setting

When it comes to planning out what you want to accomplish, not all approaches are equally effective, and “knowing” how to do it doesn’t always equate to doing it. Since 2021 will likely have enough challenges, we thought we’d give you a leg up on positioning yourself for success going forward. 

We’re giving you

  1. the same goal-planning worksheets that we use with our clients, and
  2. a video training delivered by our Principal, Lindsey Zajac, walking you through the worksheet and also delivering some extra insights and best practices to help ensure you have a successful goal-setting session. 

Grab your resources now, and here’s to an extraordinary and accomplished year!

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Our Story

Ahern, Murphy & Associates was founded in 1998 by long-time best friends Timothy Ahern and Bart Murphy. After successful careers leading organizations they decided to start their own firm committed to developing leaders. They believed that America was “over-managed” and “under-led” and they realized that their true passion was developing people. For nineteen years they worked together to grow the firm into one of the premier leadership and organizational firms in Central New York. After a heroic battle with cancer, Bart Murphy passed away on December 11th, 2017 and Timothy’s daughter, Lindsey Zajac joined the organization shortly after in 2018.